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24 June 2009 1:59 PM

Ill Conceived

"Worst Idea Ever"


-- A Full House movie.

-- This is much worse than lifting weights without a spotter.

-- Dating via Craigslist.

-- Failing to credit Wikipedia for passages in a book bound to be read by Wikipedia enthusiasts.

-- Naming any tax a "Freedom Tax."

-- Dissing The Olive Garden in a world with James Lileks.

-- Continuing to pay hundreds of teachers to do nothing years after This American Life pointed out the problem.


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Actually, doing squats on a medicine ball is a pretty intro-level exercise these days. Adding weights is a step up (although usually not shoulder presses).

I agree that doing simultaneous shoulder presses and squats while standing on a medicine ball isn't the BEST idea. But it's far from the worst. The guy has a spotter, and anyone who's going to attempt an exercise like that has probably done thousands of squats on the ball already...their core strength and balance will be pretty advanced.

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