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24 June 2009 9:03 AM

Idea in the News

On Iran, Solidarity, and Known Unknowns

Will Wilkinson won't be turning his Twitter avatar green in solidarity with Iranian protestors:
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16 June 2009 8:00 AM

Idea in the News

Iran, Twitter, and The American Information Elite

IDEA IN THE NEWS / June 16, 2009 -- Over the weekend, Iran hurtled into political upheaval, and America's 24-hour cable news networks hardly noticed. Mark Ambinder explains the role Twitter played in Iran. Here in the United States, Andrew Sullivan made The Daily Dish a leading worldwide information hub for updates, an impressive feat for a guy blogging from a pier in Cape Cod (aided back at the Watergate by the most skilled aggregation helpers in the business). I'll leave it to others to remark on what this means for the Iranian people, or authoritarian governments generally. (See these stunning photos too.)

What I want to suggest is that events like this portend an interesting, largely unremarked upon change in American political discourse.
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